All-Spanish Website and Branding

All-Spanish is a branding and web design project completed for a client. The site is to advertise a spanish tutor and the classes she offers.

Client Brief

“Hi, I’m Alhucema!

I’m a highly qualified Spanish teacher and translator and I would like you to design the website and logo for my new language learning business called All Spanish. 

All Spanish provides courses and services to help users reach their goals to learn the Spanish language. The courses vary from learning Spanish at different skill levels, for business use or going abroad for example. All Spanish also provides services for users that need help with things such as Spanish translation or proofreading. 

Our target audience includes a wide variety of people, because of this we offer lots of different courses and services. But we are primarily aimed at students who need help with their dissertation or want to learn starting from various skill levels. 

The design of the website should be very simple and the content needs to be laid out clearly. I want a light colour scheme that reflects the friendly and welcoming aspect of my business. The website should also include a contact form so that people can easily contact me. An FAQ section is also essential on the contact page. I also would like integrated social media links as well as a blog page I can easily add to. 

The logo for my business should reflect the branding of my website and can be clear and effective. I want a simple and modern logo and I don’t mind if the logo is abstract or not. Most importantly I want it to fit with my brand and complete the All Spanish branding.”

Web Design

The main focus of this project was the design of the All Spanish Website.

The Problem

Some language learning websites provide content that can be too overwhelming for the user to read or understand. Often the user is expected to read many lines of information, but this can be overwhelming and tedious for the users. These issues can make the website less user friendly which results in the content of the website being less effective. 

Our Solution


The Problem

Some logos that are created for a language learning business follow the same ideas of a flag and a speech bubble integrated into one logo concept. This doesn’t offer any sort of uniqueness or difference from any other language learning business. Therefore, the logo for that business does not stand out and can be easily missed when users are looking for the right solution. 

Our Solution

The solution to the problem was to stay away from what has been done before in terms of a language learning logo and to try and do something different. Therefore, I wanted to create a modern and abstract logo that uses one or two ideas, implemented into a clear and concise logo concept. 

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