Sound 360 Logo

Client Brief

“I’m the owner of Sound 360! We’re a hardware startup that develops speakers that can map 360-degree videos onto stereo speakers for interactive events. We’re popular with video creators using Youtube’s 360 video technology and Google’s VR cardboard product line! was hoping you could tackle our logo design project and help our brand look next-generation!

The logo would mainly be displayed on a black colored surface and needs to convey the speaker’s 360-degree feature. It doesn’t have to incorporate the idea of speakers, but I do want to visually represent the vastness of space and sound our speakers can create for a listener. A majority of our brand assets that we use for conventions use circular geometry, so it would be great to produce a design with that in mind.

I’d also love to use a typeface that combines the stereotypes of science-fiction fonts and modern sans-serifs. After all, we consider ourselves to be developing the future of interactive audio equipment and experiences.”



In order to convey the 360 element of the brand I decided to use a rounded typeface that clearly conveys this element. The sans serif font makes the logo look modern and fits in the the project brief. Sound 360 wanted to combine stereotypes of science fiction with modern typographical standards. In order to do this I took inspiration from science fiction such as Star Trek and Star Wars when looking for the perfect typeface. I found something which combined the curvy flowing nature of those logos and something modern.

Icon Element

As was said in the client brief Sound 360 often uses circles in their branding. In order to fit in with this and further convey the purpose of the brand I decided to implement a circular element. In 360 video icons circles are common to show the nature. I came up with the idea of having a circle come from the start of the first letter of the logo around to the last letter. This furthers the branding of Sound 360 as a company that works in the 360 degree video and audio space. The arrow element on the circle helps the flow through the text and adds to the overall design.

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