TXT Logo

Client Brief

“I want to hire you for an internal project at BlueTop Labs for a visual identity. For the last few months, we’ve been quietly working on a new application that makes the task of note taking and communication within large teams easier.

It’s a custom-built app that is installed on a company’s subdomain where employees can log in to discuss sensitive company information, brainstorm project ideas, leave anonymous feedback on company decisions, and produce personal calendars for tasks assigned to them.

We’re thinking of calling the application ‘TXT’.

So far it’s only going to be used at BlueTop Labs, but our management is considering developing the tool into its own product available for enterprise companies to license.

We need you to develop a logo for this project and plan a consistent color scheme our software developers can use to polish the application’s design. It should be bold, easy to read, and memorable on first glance. Our target demographic are large corporations, so we want to avoid anything that is over-complicated or untrustworthy.”



The approach for TXT was to create a wordmark that could easily be reproduced in lots of different colours so it could be as adaptable as possible. Making an adaptable logo was a must for the client since they were considering expanding into the commercial space and would need an adaption for that.

The idea I had was to take the letters TXT and combine it into a reversible monogram. I found a bold font then adapted it so the letters TXT connected perfectly. The colour of the X element can easily be changed which creates a wide variety of options for the future of the brand. The monogram is simple and modern and easily reproducible on all screen sizes.

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