Bubble Tea Logo

These are some of the miscellaneous logos we produced using online briefs. The challenge was to complete one of these logos from scratch every day for 30 days.

Client Brief

“Our current logo is a bubbly typeface that we love, but it’s incredibly hard to read from the distance and isn’t immediately obvious that we sell bubble tea on first glance. I want a symbol-based logo of a bubble tea icon that we can use on our cart’s signage and menu.

Ideally, the design can also be modified to represent different kinds of bubble tea types that have different milks, sugar levels, temperatures, and ice amounts. I was thinking we have a primary variation of the logo and small spinoffs to describe the different bubble teas on our menu.

I also want to keep the logo design super-friendly so existing customers can recognize us after the rebranding. After all, our staff are well-known for their cheerful and helpful attitudes! It’s part of the reason why our brand of Bubble Tea is a family-favorite across Shenzhen, China!”




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