Zelda Guide

Client Brief

“We need a visual identity that represents our website clearly.

Firstly, the new logo should avoid using the stereotypical Legend of Zelda typeface. We want to forge our own identity without being too dependent on another established brand. On the same topic, I want to personally avoid any copyright issues with Nintendo.

If we decide to create a symbol for the primary logo design, I want it to use similar color palettes, stylistic references, and visual language from the Zelda franchise.

We’re also interested in starting a t-shirt shop to diversify our revenue. Your logo would be the first design that we create merchandise with!”



In order to meet the client brief, I decided to create a word mark combined an icon.

After doing some research I found that the “Master Sword” is one of the most recognisable things in the franchise. I wanted to create a logo that used a Zelda inspired sword behind some nice typography.

After some time in Illustrator I came up with a sword that resembled the Master Sword and combined it with some typography.


For the type I decided to combine a Sans Serif Font with a Serif Font to add some diversity to the mark. This also references the Zelda franchise logo which uses a serif font for the main logo. Using this in the Zelda Guide logo helped the Zelda text stand out from the rest and clearly references the Zelda game logos.

One of the clear themes in Zelda is that the letter Z is always larger than the rest of the text even when the word Zelda is in uppercase. In order to reference that I made the decision to have a large Z at the start of the word Zelda. This creates a nice hierarchy and references back to the Zelda logo.

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